Patrick Reilly

Developing Executive Presence and Influence Skills in Leaders Wanting to Excel

Patrick Reilly specializes in executive coaching and consulting. He has worked extensively with leaders in the health care, technology, and construction sectors for more than 25 years, internationally and in the US. His passion is getting leaders into action for success and satisfaction. He has extensive experience in accelerating executive development and employee engagement. Additionally, he has served on a number of non-profit boards in the arts and professional services.

The core principles that drive his work include:

  1. Goal clarity is essential for success. He always clarifies his intention for his client before beginning to work with his client.
  2. Right strategy and cultural awareness are critical to goal achievement. 
  3. Goal achievement is essential for building the motivation and commitment to tackle the next higher level goal. 
  4. And then, he asks himself, what do I see today when I look at my client? And then, what is needed?

I really like to work with someone who wants to make a difference regardless of the challenges in front of them. Someone who is self-reflective and who is open to feedback.  And then willing to make the commitment to change their thinking and behaviors in a way that makes a difference. And then, willing to take the needed actions to move things forward.

Purpose and mission are driving forces for me. I am in sync with EthicalCoach’s desire to serve.

Patrick has a BA in Psychology from Tufts University and an MA in Organizational Development from the JFK School of Management. He is a Certified Master Business Coach through Leadership University and is certified in the Lore /Korn Ferry Methodology. He has also completed coaching training with the Boss Whispering Institute and completed his coaching training with the Foundations of Coaching Advanced Course. His coaching certification is through CCE.