Accelerating nonprofit,
charitable and philanthropic
impact through leadership coaching.

Welcome Foundation is a bridge between world-class coaches and nonprofit organizations. We work with leaders of nonprofits — organizations committed to addressing the greatest humanitarian and environmental challenges of our time — by developing their leadership capacity through coaching. 


Harnessing the power of coaching to activate human potential worldwide.


Accelerate charitable and philanthropic impact by coaching leaders of nonprofits that create a better world. We deliver resources and tools that build capacity within nonprofits, enabling them to increase their impact and serve more people in need.

values Foundation is committed to creating a positive impact in the world. We are driven by a set of shared values that guide our programs, relationships, and overall approach.

Respect Foundation is grounded in respect. We recognize the value in people and partnerships. From our coaches to the people we support, our motivation begins with genuine respect that enables people to value one another and grow together.


Our community shares a common internal flame, a spark of passion that drives us to co-create a positive impact in the world. This passion drives us to reach our fullest potential and help others do the same.


The world we want is not always the world we are living in. Our coaching community is courageous in imagining new ideas, solutions and partnerships to advance our vision. We believe that our very best today is nothing compared to our very best tomorrow.


We understand that our scope of possibilities is beyond what one mind can conceive. We have worked to establish and create a community to connect, to unify, and to celebrate our unique contributions.

Accountability Foundation is committed to transparency in measuring, monitoring, and reporting on the impact our coaches have on leadership effectiveness. See Public Reporting for more.