Justice Innovation Lab

Working Towards a More Just System. Bold criminal justice leaders understand that we can and must do better. Justice Innovation Lab forms partnerships with local decision-makers to implement data-driven, evidence-based policy changes to create a more equitable, effective, and fair system of justice, without compromising public safety.

Making positive change requires building effective teams to identify and implement solutions. Justice Innovation Lab brings together data scientists, criminal justice leaders, policy experts, community advocates, and leadership coaches, who bring their unique skill sets and perspectives to build a more just system.

Coaching.com Foundation supports the Solicitor’s management team by providing individual and systemic leadership coaching to assist them as they tackle their most complex and challenging problems.

Facts Matter. You can’t fix what you don’t measure. One-on-one inclusive leadership coaching and team coaching will help leaders ask better questions as they use a data-informed process to develop and apply new practices to minimize the impact of bias on prosecutorial decision-making.