Amanda Michelle Echevarria
Location Guatemala

Amanda Michelle Echevarria

Business Coach

Amanda Michelle, a Fulbright Alumna, is a specialized business consultant, coach, and mentor dedicated to assisting Fortune 500 companies in the Latin American region in achieving their business goals and enhancing their corporate culture and stewardship.

Known as Mish to her clients and friends, she brings over 15 years of corporate experience to her role. Previously, as a Regional Senior Human Resources Manager and Organizational Development Culture Leader, Mish successfully contributed to transforming toxic cultures into high-performance organizations and supporting C-Suite members and visible managers. In her current capacity, she advises, guides, and coaches organizations on maintaining a culture that fosters well-being while delivering high-value results.

Committed to giving back, Mish volunteers numerous hours coaching pro-bono with various NGOs. She firmly believes that a healthy workplace requires a soul, well-being involves tapping into the spirit, and achieving both is possible through coaching with integrity. Originally from Guatemala and based in Buenos Aires, Mish continues to study human behavior with optimism, driven by the belief that every day offers an opportunity for individuals to become better human beings.