Bethany Kurbis
Location United States

Bethany Kurbis

Founder and CEO at Integrative Coaching LLC


Bethany's journey to coaching began on a motorbike in South Sudan. Immersed in the realm of humanitarian organizations, she witnessed the transformative power of establishing safe spaces for individuals to articulate their goals and devise strategies to actualize their visions. Inspired by these experiences, Bethany embarked on a new life vision, dedicating herself to creating meaningful spaces for people to connect with their purpose.

Armed with a master's degree in Human Resource Management, Bethany has spent over a decade focusing on empowering employees to realize their full potential within organizations. As a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation, she now dedicates herself full-time to working with clients across the technology, development, and non-profit sectors.

UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: Pharmaceutical, Political, International

Bethany collaborates with individuals and organizations to cultivate internal resources that unlock untapped potential. Through the identification of core values, strengths, and motivators, clients develop a personalized toolkit of strategies to achieve their goals. Additionally, Bethany guides clients in understanding their patterns of fears, stressors, and habits that may hinder their potential. Her coaching process ensures that clients possess the necessary tools, strategies, and resilience to pursue their vision and connect with their purpose.

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