Beverly Lewinski
Location United States

Beverly Lewinski

Board Certified Coach

Beverly J Lewinski is a Board Certified Coach, a certified PeopleMap trainer, and a Wellness Coach. She has been coaching since 2006, working with diverse populations while exercising ultimate respect and focusing on the client's agenda and goal fulfillment.

Beverly emphasizes natural strengths and employs a positive psychology approach in her work. She coaches executives, leaders, and individuals in transition who are seeking new, meaningful life work. Utilizing several assessments, she uncovers insight and understanding for informed decision-making. Her coaching creates a unique environment to enhance relationships, gain self-awareness, and foster authentic leadership, adding value to various situations.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, trade association management, and not-for-profit executive leadership, Beverly has a background in Human Resources Management with an Accounting minor. She actively serves her community by volunteering on Boards of Directors and committees of local groups.

Beverly's passion lies in working with individuals committed to being more effective in their work, relationships, and community by developing a stronger sense of self, strengths, and understanding for the impact they make in all circumstances.

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