Carla Hamby
Location United States

Carla Hamby

Professional Coach

While I have enjoyed working in various areas of talent management (including 360 and executive assessment, needs analysis, coaching, consulting, leadership development, training and facilitation, succession planning, and more), my favorite focus remains on supporting the growth and development of leaders at all levels.

My passion lies in enhancing the well-being of organizations and their people. I achieve this by assisting individuals in growing their emotional intelligence, skillfully navigating relationships with themselves and others. I help people unlock their personal and professional potential, maximize their positive impact, and optimize their leadership capability. My approach involves enhancing individual experiences, supporting individuals with their most pressing challenges, and honing in on the most crucial areas of need to elevate organizations, systems, and cultures we're all part of.

My personal leadership brand involves purposeful steps toward my own growth and authentic engagement with people in real and impactful ways. Core values that guide my work include deep relationships, authenticity and aliveness, healthy and productive communication, and personal and emotional well-being. My overarching purpose is to inspire real and sustainable transformation that promotes positive change in our world.

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