Carlos Esteban
Location Spain

Carlos Esteban

Executive, Leadership, and Career Transition Coach

With over 35 years of experience in the consulting business, serving in various capacities at both Spanish, European, and Global levels, including roles such as Human Resources, Internal Communications, Sustainability Director, and Global Head of Z Zurich Foundation, I've had the privilege of contributing to the success of five CEOs and being a valuable member of their Executive Committees.

Motivated by a desire to give back, I've harnessed my capabilities to assist leaders and teams in showcasing their best selves, elevating their overall performance, and guiding them to become the CEOs of their own careers. As an Executive, Leadership, and Career Transition Coach and Mentor, my primary goal is to partner with leaders in building purposeful, effective, attractive, engaged, and collaborative organizations.

Throughout my career, I've provided coaching on a range of crucial aspects, including managing overwhelm and improving productivity, enhancing impact and influence, effective leadership of virtual teams, overcoming imposter syndrome, conducting vision and values exercises, powerful communication, strengthening client relationships, mobilizing team members, strategic planning, business action planning, leading change, and career planning.

In summary, I am an Executive, Leadership, and Career Transition Coach with over 25 years of dedicated experience in coaching executives and teams, committed to fostering success and growth in both individuals and organizations.

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