Clive Steeper
Location United Kingdom

Clive Steeper

Executive Coach and Supervisor

Clive Steeper is a qualified coaching supervisor, executive coach, and NLP practitioner with over 2,000 hours of coaching experience. Guided by the principles of positive psychology and a firm belief in our untapped potential, Clive's approach aims to empower individuals to achieve more than they might initially believe is possible. In his supervision process, Clive encourages coaches to critically reflect on their values, beliefs, and assumptions, fostering adaptation and integration of new learning to enhance their coaching skills.

As an executive coach, Clive thrives in complex and high-pressure situations. He has successfully assisted clients in corporate and not-for-profit organizations in navigating various challenges, including boardroom relationships, strategic thinking, influencing, and managing change. Additionally, Clive serves as an advisor to a UK-based charity dedicated to enhancing the leadership effectiveness of charities internationally.

Before venturing into coaching, Clive enjoyed a prosperous career as an MD/CEO, overseeing the growth of multiple international businesses in the UK, USA, and Southeast Asia. Beyond his professional pursuits, Clive maintains his competitive edge by participating in motorsport, earning the title of UK Champion in Sports Prototypes in 2015. An accomplished author, Clive has written four popular business books: "Risk," "Motivation in a Week," "Cope with Change at Work," and "The Personality Workbook." He is also a regular contributor to Coaching Perspectives magazine.