Colleen Lewis
Location Canada

Colleen Lewis

Conversational Intelligence Coach

Colleen has been partnering with organizations and leaders for over 25 years, facilitating transformational shifts toward high-performing, inclusive organizations. Through leadership development and strategic alignment, she inspires and engages individuals to embrace change, capitalize on opportunities, and leverage talent for future sustainability.

As a Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, Colleen is dedicated to continuous learning. Currently studying Narrative Coaching with Dr. David Drake and Leadership Team Coaching with Peter Hawkins, she earned her degree in Organizational Development from Athabasca University. Certified in Group and Team Coaching, Potentials Realized, she has a unique interest in cultivating deliberately developmental organizations.

Colleen served as a Practitioner in the National Managers Community, Government of Canada, where she coached, developed, and mentored individuals to achieve their highest potential. Currently, she is the Program Director with the International Coach Federation, Calgary Chapter, co-founder of the Leadership Perspectives Community of Practice, and a Coach Facilitator with the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS).

Acting as a Mentor with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Colleen shares her knowledge and experiences to support students in their growth and development, while also learning from her mentees. Her purpose is to partner with leaders, organizations, and individuals to maximize human capacity and organizational capabilities, advancing both human and business capital.