David Wikander
Location Unites States

David Wikander

Executive Coach and Supervisor

David Wikander employs a systems/relationship-oriented approach in his coaching practice, whether working with teams, couples, or individuals. This method considers the dynamics of our relationships with ourselves, others in our personal lives, and those within teams or organizations. David's extensive background encompasses education, training, mentoring, teaching, leadership development, and successfully operating several businesses.

As a Senior Faculty member of CRR Global, certified with Team Diagnostic, and a certified Co-Active Coach, David conducts coaching sessions with individuals, couples, and teams on a global scale, spanning Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Asia. Residing in the United States, he brings rich professional coaching experience to executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and small business teams and partnerships.

In addition to his coaching credentials, David is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. His diverse interests have led him to teach art and environmental courses in collage and work as a personal financial analyst. Embodying a Renaissance spirit, David's exploration of diverse paths began as early as age 14 when he developed an interest in personal and spiritual growth. Raised in a multicultural family, he values and encourages cultural education.