Denice Hinden
Location United States

Denice Hinden

President at Managance Coaching

Denice is a seasoned leadership coach and masterful meeting facilitator specializing in senior leadership and C-suite levels. With a career spanning various roles in socially responsible organizations and professional associations since 1983, including positions such as Executive Director, Program Director, facilitator, trainer, researcher, and evaluator, Denice brings a wealth of experience to her coaching practice.

On a mission to propel leaders to their next level, Denice focuses on infusing passion, a sense of opportunity, and well-being into nonprofit and association workplaces through conscious energetic leadership and positive, productive conversations. Since founding Managance Consulting & Coaching in 2000, Denice has revitalized the management and performance of over 120 nonprofit, for-profit, and public organizations, along with hundreds of leaders, through transformative strategic planning facilitation and leadership coaching.

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