Dr Mike Munro Turner
Location United Kingdom

Dr Mike Munro Turner

Executive Coach and Supervisor

Mike has been coaching for over 20 years, dedicating his expertise to helping individuals enhance their leadership capacity and achieve heightened levels of performance, effectiveness, and fulfillment. As a supervisor for coaches and mentors, Mike ensures the quality of their work and supports their professional development. His coaching practice revolves around a positive and solution-focused approach, empowering leaders and teams to succeed in the present while building the skills and capacities for future success. Mike excels in facilitating personal and professional growth, improving current performance, and enhancing the ability to manage change.

In addition to his coaching role, Mike has been a faculty member of The School of Coaching, training coaches and managers in coaching skills. He has also served as an associate with The Centre for Creative Leadership, contributing to their leadership development programs. Mike's diverse background includes roles as an academic, software developer, management consultant, psychotherapist, and trustee of the charity Green and Away, which creates transformative convivial environments.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Mike finds joy in walking on the Malvern Hills, has recently discovered a passion for singing, and is fortunate to reside a few minutes' walk from The Morgan, known for serving the Wye Valley's Butty Bach beer.