Figen Kirca
Location Turkey

Figen Kirca

Executive & Leadership Coach | Parent Coach | Career Coach | Digital Coach | Facilitator

I specialize in coaching individuals through career, leadership, and parenting transitions. I firmly believe that providing tailored support aligned with people's needs in our fast-changing world is crucial for organizational development. My passion extends to supporting parents in the workplace, and I collaborate with companies that share this vision. I advocate for family-friendly organizational cultures and empowerment for women, foreseeing significant evolution in the business environment.

With a background in business management, I've held various managerial roles in different companies, leading teams and departments. My international and intercultural experience, gained through studying and working with people of diverse nationalities, enhances my perspective.

Known for my lengthy name(!), I bring energy and enthusiasm to my coaching approach. I derive satisfaction from interacting with people, contributing to their well-being, and continuously researching and learning new information.

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