Henna Inam
Location United States

Henna Inam

Board Director and Chair of Board People Committee | CEO

Henna Inam is an executive coach, global speaker, and the author of the book "Wired for Disruption." With two decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges of leading in times of disruption. In her book, Henna outlines the five shifts in agility and introduces 15 Agility Accelerators (tools and practices) designed to activate our innate agility and contribute positively during disruptive times.

Grounded in neuroscience-based research, Henna demonstrates that agility is inherent in our DNA. The book illustrates how these shifts are within our control, fostering well-being and enabling individuals to thrive in the evolving landscape of work. Together, Henna invites us to reshape workplaces and create a world that functions more effectively for everyone. To begin this journey, she encourages taking the Agility Quiz.

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