Jakub Grzadzielski
Location Poland

Jakub Grzadzielski

Executive & Leadership Coach | Certified executive coach

Jakub Grzadzielski's journey began as a chorister in the renowned Stuligrosz Choir, touring throughout Europe during his childhood. Transitioning from music to sports, he played center for a major Polish regional basketball team until a serious knee injury altered his career path. During his pursuit of education in Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in Poznan, he shifted to amateur boxing.

While originally intending to pursue a Ph.D., family life intervened, and Jakub humorously remarks that he plans to finish his doctoral studies "when my daughters leave home for college." In his 17 years leading teams in the automotive industry, Jakub discovered his true passion: working with and for people. Helping others achieve success brings a sense of accomplishment that he treasures.

What drew Jakub to Stakeholder Centered Coaching? Influenced by Marshall Goldsmith's book, "What Got You Here Won't Get You There," he recognized its concepts as the foundational elements for successful transformation. Jakub praises the incredible practicality and effectiveness of SCC methodology, emphasizing that it guarantees measurable progress based on his extensive experience.

The most rewarding aspect of coaching, according to Jakub, is witnessing individuals change behavior to transform perceived weaknesses into strengths. These moments, he believes, highlight the essential need for the coaching profession.

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