Katherine Holt
Location United States

Katherine Holt

President, Peakinsight LLC and Global Coach LLC

Katherine Holt specializes in global talent management and leadership development consulting. She collaborates with clients to identify changing role requirements and strategic competencies, upgrading current and future talent. Katherine assists companies in revamping competency models and designing innovative approaches to address global complexity, paradoxes, and multicultural effectiveness. She serves as an outsourcing liaison, facilitating the smooth integration of services from multiple global vendors.

Transformational coaching is among her specialties, focusing on working with global executives to leverage their "being" dimension and unique skills for breakthrough possibilities in both personal and business contexts. Katherine designs programs to develop leaders who contribute to healthy, sustainable organizations and high-performing teams. With a passion for innovation, she helps leaders shift their cultures and enhance innovation within teams. Katherine challenges clients to take a systemic view of change, build relationships with diverse stakeholders, and engage everyone in addressing key challenges. Her collaborative learning approach stimulates awareness about new possibilities.

Her practice is grounded in values such as courageous leadership, authentic action, collaborative learning, respect for diversity, and sustainable living. As a ZERI practitioner, Katherine promotes the adoption of sustainable practices to eliminate waste and achieve triple bottom line results. She dedicates 25% of her time to pro bono activities, supporting leaders and non-profit organizations pursuing sustainability.

Specializing in the Asia-Pacific region, Katherine commutes between California, Japan, and China. She coaches local nationals, facilitates the development of cross-cultural teams, supports expatriate onboarding, and assists companies in acquiring and developing the talent needed for success. Katherine holds certifications in various tools, including Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Global Competencies Inventory (GCI), Global Mindset Inventory (GMI), and Hogan Leadership Forecast Series.

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