Leslie Hamilton
Location New Zealand

Leslie Hamilton

Coach: Catalysing change through conversations

Leslie Hamilton, MEd, MBA, is a seasoned change facilitator and coach with over two decades of expertise in enhancing individual and organizational performance. Her approach is centered on fostering resilient relationships, optimizing processes, and refining related systems to achieve measurable results. Utilizing a blend of researched, practical, and creative techniques, Leslie empowers professionals to fulfill their aspirations by contributing value within teams and cultivating a sense of mutual appreciation.

Drawing from her formal education in psychology, education, and business, as well as extensive training in human communication and organizational systems, Leslie integrates a wealth of knowledge into her work. Her diverse life experiences as a leader, solopreneur, parent, and expatriate in New Zealand contribute to her adaptability and enable her to tailor her services to a wide range of employees, from CEOs to front-line service representatives. Her clientele spans various sectors, including technology, research, academia, healthcare, government, and sports organizations.

Clients consistently commend Leslie for her ability to both challenge and support them, resulting in outcomes that surpass their expectations. The ongoing success and satisfaction of her clients are evident in their repeated requests for her services throughout their careers, within their teams, and across their organizations.

Leslie's professional credentials include being a CoachU Graduate, a Certified Conversational IQ Coach, a TetraMap Behaviour Style Certified Facilitator, a Team Management Systems Certified Facilitator, and an ROI Institute Consultant.

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