Lisa Galinski
Location United States

Lisa Galinski

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Lisa Galinski, PCC, CPCC, JD, is a seasoned leadership coach and facilitator, donning multiple hats to empower individuals and teams to cultivate stronger relationships, heighten self-awareness, and amplify their ability to achieve desired outcomes. With a background as a former attorney, bringing nine years of experience in the legal field, Lisa comprehends the nuances of effecting change at both individual and systemic levels.

In her coaching practice, Lisa engages with a diverse array of leaders, ranging from corporate executives and attorneys to entrepreneurs, artists, and emerging women professionals. Her focus is on guiding individuals to bring forth the best versions of themselves and instill a profound sense of purpose in their work, ultimately magnifying their positive impact.

Lisa's expertise extends to team coaching, where she empowers teams to harness their diversity for more effective collaboration and resolution of conflicts from a systemic perspective. As a continuous improvement facilitator, she leads teams through transformative culture changes, coaching new mindsets and behaviors that lead to breakthrough thinking, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and ultimately, transformed performance outcomes.

With her unique blend of legal acumen and coaching prowess, Lisa Galinski is dedicated to fostering growth, positive impact, and harmonious collaboration within individuals and teams alike. Her multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to holistic development and continuous improvement, making her a valuable asset in the realm of leadership coaching.

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