Marie-Claude Lapalme
Location Canada

Marie-Claude Lapalme

Professional Leadership Coach

Marie-Claude Lapalme collaborates with leaders and teams in major global organizations, guiding them to unlock their full potential, optimize their impact on organizational objectives, and lead effectively in ever-changing environments. As a dynamic and adept facilitator, she is recognized for helping leaders extract meaning from concepts and apply them effectively in their daily interactions, leading to enhanced performance.

Drawing on her extensive international experience, Marie-Claude operates in diverse cultural environments, proficiently communicating in both French and English. Examples of her work include training the team at Handicap International Haiti in coaching skills, coaching leaders in France and the Caribbean, and training managers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to become coaches.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that sustainable performance amid organizational evolution necessitates challenging perspectives, removing barriers to collaboration, and fostering agility in leadership.

Marie-Claude holds an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a BComm from McGill University. She is a trained coach from the Coaches Training Institute and the Neuroleadership Group and serves on the board of Coaching the Global Village. With previous leadership roles in a global executive development organization and the Silicon Valley software industry, Marie-Claude currently resides in Montreal with her husband and daughters.