Matteo Trevisan
Location United Kingdom

Matteo Trevisan

Head of Executive Coaching | Leadership Trainer | Mediator | Coaching Supervisor

Matteo is an accomplished international Leadership Coach (PCC ICF) and Trainer dedicated to empowering leaders of today and tomorrow to become unstoppable forces for positive change. His diverse clientele includes renowned organizations such as Bloom&Wild, Google, MyTutor, Open Society Foundation, London Institute of Banking and Finance, and One Acre Fund.

In his role as the Global Head of Coaching for EqualPlus, Matteo actively contributes to shaping leaders as role models for inclusivity. As a faculty member at Animas Centre for Coaching, he has trained over 1000 individuals to become coaches. Additionally, as a trainer at Aspire Leadership, Matteo collaborates with teams to enhance their skills in leadership communication, management, conflict mediation, and public speaking.

Having lived in seven countries, Matteo's wealth of experiences includes earning a Masters in Physics and conducting research at the ESRF particle accelerator. His journey led him to study Education, eventually becoming a Physics teacher before establishing his own coaching business.

In 2019, Matteo's coaching mindset faced a significant test and triumphed through two close brushes with death, further solidifying his commitment to facilitating positive transformation in leaders.

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