Neil Edwards
Location United States

Neil Edwards

Corporate Coach, Team & Relationship Coach, Coach Supervisor

Neil Edwards is a soulful leader and insightful coach working at the crossroads of leadership, relationships, well-being, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). He firmly believes that well-being is the foundational element for fulfillment in life and optimal performance at work. Neil sees inclusive leadership as inseparable from leadership itself, emphasizing the perpetual interconnectedness of leaders in various relationships. In his coaching practice, he supports leaders and teams, placing a strong focus on self-identity, self-authority, values, and purpose.

Neil views mature leadership as a natural evolution of identity work, drawing inspiration from co-active leadership, organization and relationship systems work, emotional and social intelligence, adult development, leadership embodiment, and health and wellness. His goal is to assist clients in enhancing their capacity and capability to lead effectively in any context or system. Neil encourages clients to tap into whole-body knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and biases from multiple perspectives. This approach aims to make clients more skillful and authentic when navigating differences and addressing conflicts.

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