Paul Chang
Location Australia

Paul Chang

Professional Leadership Coach

As a millennial, I'm intimately connected to our needs and desires. I believe that the most valuable gift we can give ourselves is the awareness of our choices and the ability to be mindful in making them.

I initially ventured into a corporate marketing career in my early 20s, embracing it as my world without questioning my motives. I hold an MBA degree from one of Australia's premier business schools, placing me on a conventional path toward a comfortable retirement.

Despite the apparent success, I wasn't content. In 2015, I made a conscious choice to disrupt my life in pursuit of a career that was both meaningful and fulfilling. The journey wasn't swift, and it came with its share of challenges. Nevertheless, it was worthwhile, leading me to discover the array of choices available to me and the values most important in my life.

Having gone through this transformative process, I understand the advantages of having a sounding board, a confidante, or simply someone who cares. I comprehend the profound need for guidance, the importance of taking breaks, pausing, and reassessing. It's not an easy journey, but I can attest to its worth.

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