Robin Sparks
Location United States

Robin Sparks

Leadership and Well-being Coach

I am fascinated by the way humans think, feel, and behave. Partnering with people to help them discover what lights them up and then designing a life that enables them to be or have that is what I love most. My sense of purpose is most aligned when I'm helping leaders, fellow coaches, organizations, and communities thrive. I offer more than 20 years of experience across a range of industries, including high-tech, healthcare, hospitality, non-profits, government agencies, and professional services firms.

I am especially committed to coaching women leaders at every stage of life who want to leverage their leadership gifts to make their dreams come true. Continually inspired by their stories and resilience, I study women leaders across time to learn what makes them successful and to help pass on their wisdom to other women who are striving to reach their full potential.

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