Sebastian Fox
Location United Kingdom

Sebastian Fox

Business Coach

I began my career in various roles within large corporations, including finance, sales, and client management in the UK, Europe, and Asia. After returning to the UK, I served as a Marketing and Business Development Director for a major law firm. This experience inspired me to establish my own business over 15 years ago, dedicated to assisting professional firms in enhancing their client management and relationships, primarily through client interviews.

Working closely with these firms, I realized that simply gathering information and feedback from clients was insufficient for driving meaningful change. The key to making a difference lay in focusing on individuals, encouraging them to change their behaviors to better meet the expectations of their clients. This realization sparked my journey toward qualifying as an executive coach. More recently, having observed the impact of teams on overall performance, I expanded into team coaching.

My coaching expertise lies in leadership development, sales teams, and individual sales/business development. Leveraging my background in sales team roles and managing significant client accounts, I assist clients in transforming their behaviors to concentrate on actions that genuinely drive business growth. Witnessing individuals enhance their confidence and skills to excel in sales is particularly gratifying.