Sharon Jansen
Location South Africa

Sharon Jansen

Executive Coach at MindShift Executive Coaching, Past President ICF Gauteng, Faculty Member SACAP

Sharon Jansen specializes in coaching, team development, and the design, development, and delivery of personal insight initiatives aimed at increasing self-awareness and fostering a desire for conscious living. She recognizes that successful leaders are those who maintain a healthy relationship with themselves, combining self-management with leadership capabilities and technical expertise. Critical executive competencies, such as relationship and conversation capabilities, are areas where Sharon provides coaching to executives and teams, encouraging them to explore and develop these skills.

A significant focus of Sharon's work involves helping individuals build the skills and courage needed for having challenging conversations that can positively impact lives and businesses. She emphasizes the importance of starting with introspective and self-reflective conversations before engaging with others.

In the context of South Africa, where various definitions of transformation exist, Sharon is drawn to organizations committed to integral transformational change beyond Black Economic Empowerment. She coaches transformational leaders at all levels of the business. With a robust background in business, leadership development, and organizational change, Sharon spent 26 years with one of South Africa's leading financial service organizations in the financial services industry.

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