Steve Tulowitzki
Location United States

Steve Tulowitzki

Leadership Coach at PwC Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence

I am a Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), a father, and a husband. As a white man, an elected official, an engineer, and a strategy consultant, I confront social and racial injustice with the courage to make a meaningful impact. Despite lacking a political background, I ran for public office in 2019 and am now the youngest person to serve on the Munster, Indiana Town Council in over two decades. My commitment is centered on fostering social and racial equity within the government.

In my coaching practice, I aim to ignite the rise of authenticity in the world. With 20 years of client service under my belt, I draw on a wealth of experience, including 13 years in strategy consulting for multinational corporations across more than 10 countries. Additionally, I have spent 7 years coaching over 500 clients and teams, bringing a unique blend of skills and insights to my work.

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