Willa Hallowell
Location United States

Willa Hallowell

Former partner of global leadership firm Grovewell LLC.

My approach to developing global leaders is founded on 31 years of experience coaching leaders worldwide. As a partner in GROVEWELL LLC, I led a coaching practice that spanned six continents, emphasizing an effective approach tailored to the coachee's cultural worldview. My coaching style combines rigor, compassion, and cross-cultural experience with the aim of nurturing visionary, globally agile leaders. The outcome is an enhanced ability to respond judiciously to unforeseen challenges, thereby increasing organizational impact.

A significant focus of my practice has been coaching women leaders. I had the privilege of supporting female coaches across Europe for three years, guiding them in providing coaching to 30 EMEA-based participants in a 12-month women's leadership development program. Regular convenings allowed us to address challenges, identify patterns, and leverage best practices. The experience of women coaching women was meaningful for all involved. I eagerly anticipate supporting the WILD Network's mission to advance women in global development.

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