Yared Abera
Location Ethiopia

Yared Abera

Coach and Mentor

"EthicalCoach is crucial because it paves the way for me to live my dream, fulfill my purpose, and pursue my aspirations. It has provided me with clarity and the necessary resources to grow as a coach, which are challenging to find in my context. EthicalCoach has also given me the opportunity to be part of the ultimate network of coaches and a platform to collaborate with NGOs. I am grateful for being a part of EthicalCoach."

Yared Abera serves as the Head of Administration, coach, mentor, training facilitator, strategist, and system developer for the innovation company, Desert Rose Consultancy Plc. In his role, Yared coordinates, leads, trains, develops, and delivers communication and leadership solutions. Working with cross-cultural teams, he integrates cultural understanding with innovative design to provide effective solutions. Yared has co-designed task management tools that facilitate excellent communication and productivity. He holds a Diploma in Teaching Social Studies from St. Mary University and a BA in Gender and Developmental Education from Mekene Yesus Management and Leadership College. Yared received his coaching accreditation through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2018.

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