Yolanda Fuertes
Location Switzerland

Yolanda Fuertes

Business & Career Coach; HR Specialist

Yolanda Fuertes is a certified business and life coach with accreditation from ICF (International Coach Federation). Additionally, she holds certifications as an NLP practitioner and a Certified Practitioner in DISC & Motivators - a dual evaluation of behavioral and motivational styles.

In her coaching practice, Yolanda specializes in supporting leaders through career transitions and change management. She assists them in discovering their resources, maintaining focus, surpassing limits, stepping out of their comfort zones, and excelling through change while expressing their full potential.

With over 25 years of experience as a seasoned HR professional, Yolanda has worked in various industry sectors within complex matrix multinational and public business environments. Her roles have included HR management and consultancy, where she provided value-added support to line management on all employee-related issues through training, advising, and coaching.

Yolanda is passionate about sharing her personal journey, desire to help others in their development, and commitment to improving performance, which naturally led her to enter the world of coaching. She believes that everyone possesses the resources needed to achieve their goals and occasionally requires support, a boost, or a listening ear to progress, learn, and surpass themselves.

As a certified coach for over 15 years, Yolanda's coaching style encompasses being a strategic partner, provocateur, advocate, activist, and guardian of the big picture. Her coaching approach is grounded in the values of courageous leadership, authentic action, collaborative learning, respect for diversity, and sustainable living.

Yolanda is dedicated to pro bono activities, devoting 25% of her time to support leaders and nonprofit organizations pursuing sustainability.

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