Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and the President of the World Bank Group talk about Coaching, Contribution and the Important Role of EthicalCoach

When it comes to transformative leadership, massive contribution and the drive and ability to create positive change on a global scale, I could not think of a more powerful combination than these two brilliant minds:

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Dr. Jim Kim.

In the video interview below, Marshall Goldsmith and Dr. Kim will take you behind the scenes of their coaching engagement, revealing how coaching has dramatically shifted Dr. Kim’s leadership style and with it the organizational structure and levels of impact the World Bank Group is able to achieve. 

You will learn why Marshall has been happily coaching Dr. Kim for free for almost a decade, which leadership approach created the most impact, why Dr. Kim calls Marshall “the greatest leadership coach on earth” and much more.

It’s not everyday that you get to listen to two of the most brilliant thinkers and leadership experts in the world as they let you in on what’s going on behind the scenes of their coaching engagement as well as their vision and desire to contribute. 

EthicalCoach plays a significant role in the conversation around coaching and contribution and Marshall and Dr. Kim will give you eye-opening insights into just how impactful coaching can truly be.

Watch the video interview below and discover how brilliant leadership coaching has the potential to change the world: