Anil Sethi
Location India

Anil Sethi

Founder CEO

Mr. Anil Sethi is a Mindful Coach teaching Beingfulness & Leadership. With over 27 years of global experience, he is an unbiased Business and Life Coach, an NLP practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, and a master leadership trainer. He operates his own company, "Bridging the Gap," based in India, and has worked in over 12 countries in talent transformation, education, coaching, international marketing, and project management.

During his extensive career, Mr. Sethi has accumulated 1200 training man-days of experience, impacting over 6000 individuals across businesses through training and coaching. He actively volunteers with YWCA, schools, colleges, NGOs, and engages in pro bono coaching conversations for women in need. Mr. Sethi serves as a coach for WILD, EthicalCoach initiatives, focusing on humane, holistic, and client-centered approaches across various businesses and cultures.

In addition to his coaching role, he is the Chief Talent Transformer for Evoloshen, Sweden. Mr. Sethi, an avid reader, values being close to nature. He hails from a highly educated family and resides in Delhi, India, with his wife and two children.

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