Graham Sleep
Location United Kingdom

Graham Sleep

Global Leadership Coach I Transformative Change | Strategic Business Development and Deployment I Operations & Supply Chain Development

In my own journey, more than 25 years ago, I was suddenly confronted with a debilitating illness that continues to impact me today. However, I never allowed this to hinder my career progression. I have risen to the position of a Director, accumulating over two decades of experience in Senior Leadership Development and Coaching, marked by a demonstrable track record of turning around and fostering growth within manufacturing, service-based, and not-for-profit sectors.

My competencies encompass various facets, including:

  • Business Strategy (Disruptive Business Modeling, Hoshin Kanri, Balanced Scorecard): I provide strategic insights, leveraging disruptive business models and frameworks like Hoshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard.
  • Strategic Leadership Development (Executive & Team Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitating): I specialize in developing strategic leaders through executive and team coaching, mentoring, and facilitation.
  • Operational Strategy (Lean Six Sigma): My expertise extends to operational strategy, incorporating Lean Six Sigma methodologies for efficiency and excellence.
  • Supply Chain Development and Management: I contribute to the enhancement of supply chain processes, encompassing development and effective management.
  • Outsourcing / Insourcing (Mergers, Acquisitions): I navigate organizational changes, including outsourcing, insourcing, mergers, and acquisitions, ensuring smooth transitions.
  • Cultural Transformation: I drive cultural transformation within organizations, instigating positive shifts and fostering adaptability.

I am committed to providing ongoing strategic guidance, paired with robust accountability and communication. My approach involves detailed analysis and the development of processes and individuals, rooted in my proprietary "Improvement Architecture." Originating from a sports coaching background, I am adept at identifying barriers inhibiting current performance, delving into the root causes of behavioral issues, and addressing triggers, which includes challenging mindsets, beliefs, and deep-held assumptions.

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