Harriet Nelson
Location United Kingdom

Harriet Nelson


I have always been interested in peopleā€” who they are, what they do, and why they do it. I am naturally open and particularly curious about cultures different from my own. Coaching, for me, offers the best combination of my skills and interests in a constructive and useful way for others. I believe we all have potential, and coaching is a key enabler to activate this potential, regardless of our role or the context of our work. Coaching facilitates personal insight, learning, clarity, and authenticity, providing an opportunity to pause before consciously re-engaging to reach our desired goals. Outcomes may include a clearer way forward, increased self-awareness and learning, and clarity on deeper purpose.

I am constantly learning, with my current focus on understanding the interplay between the individual and the systems they come from. Additionally, I am studying how to work more somatically to enable better awareness of the whole self. As a lifelong animal lover, I am also interested in animal-facilitated learning and how horses may be part of the coaching process.

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