Maria Wade
Location United States

Maria Wade

Executive Coach, Founder

Maria Wade is an executive coach and consultant specializing in coaching leaders responsible for shaping organizational cultures. Collaborating closely with her clients, Maria focuses on creating inclusive spaces where individuals feel a sense of belonging, a desire to contribute, and are valued for their authentic selves. Grounded in her belief in people's limitless potential, wholeness, resourcefulness, and natural creativity, Maria serves as an agent of change, guiding individuals and organizations through transitions with a commitment to realizing a future vision.

Drawing on her personal experience of transitioning from her native country to the United States, Maria offers valuable insights into the significance of embracing change and adapting to it. Before establishing her bilingual (English & Russian) coaching practice, Maria's diverse career spanned leadership roles in legal services and project management across industries such as mergers and acquisitions, asset management, paper production, electricity and heat production, gas and oil, and consulting.

Maria's educational background includes a Master's Degree in Law, a Master's in Business Administration, PMPĀ® and Prosci certifications, and a Coaching Certificate from Columbia University's Coaching Certification Program. Her multifaceted expertise equips her to bring a holistic approach to coaching, blending legal, business, and coaching knowledge to support leaders in achieving their goals and fostering positive organizational cultures.

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