Hélène Raison
Location United States

Hélène Raison


After 12 years in the banking industry as a relationship manager for small, medium, and large companies, Hélène transitioned her career to become a certified coach, driven by a desire to be of service to others. She initially developed her coaching skills by working with an organization dedicated to women's empowerment and emerging entrepreneurs from disadvantaged areas.

Hélène is particularly attuned to organizations focused on social good and the environment. In her coaching, she integrates her passion for questioning the purpose, projects, or programs, ensuring a clear call to action and measurable outcomes. Leveraging her intercultural experiences, she is adept at working with a diverse range of profiles.

Her current focus involves working with women in professional transition or assuming management roles, assisting expatriates in adjusting efficiently and calmly, and supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

Hélène holds certifications as an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach (ICF recognized training), Praditus Certification Level 1 (soft skills), and PNL Technician (IFPNL Institute).

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