Jackie Schneider
Location United States

Jackie Schneider

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

As a seasoned financial and operational executive, Jackie has demonstrated leadership in a diverse range of organizations, from Fortune 50 technology firms to venture-backed start-ups. She brings a wealth of experience, having served in CFO positions for technology and consumer-focused MedTech firms, where she led both finance and administrative functions. In these roles, she effectively managed relationships with board members and investors, playing a pivotal role in significant rounds of investment. Jackie has also contributed as a consulting CFO, providing her expertise to organizations seeking to enhance their financial positions.

Earlier in her career, Jackie held the position of Director of Strategy & Planning at Hewlett-Packard Company. In this role, she developed operating plans, budgets, and performance measurements for a $600M software organization. She directly managed 100 employees in the US, Germany, Israel, and China, showcasing her strategic planning and organizational leadership skills. Jackie holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and has a background as a CPA from a New York public accounting firm. Additionally, she has shared her knowledge as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University, teaching finance.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Jackie has displayed a deep interest in the non-profit sector. She has actively served as a board member for distinguished organizations in healthcare and the performing arts. Her board work has focused on issues of non-profit governance and executive leadership, particularly in response to external crises or major organizational transitions.

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