Jody Kennett
Location Canada

Jody Kennett

Coach Program Coordinator

Jody Kennett is an ICF ACC coach specializing in leadership development and the neuroscience of communication. As a GAIA certified Women's Leadership coach, she is passionate about empowering women in business and advancing them into leadership roles. With ACI certification in Confidence coaching, Jody helps women leaders rise by integrating confidence, leadership, and communication skills.

In addition to her coaching expertise, Jody has a strong background in health and wellbeing. She has created and led multiple health programs, emphasizing the importance of energizing leaders for peak performance. Taking a holistic coaching approach, she is also a certified Whole Person Life Coach (WPCC).

Jody's diverse experience includes career leadership coaching, 360-degree feedback, growth plans for new and advancing leaders, business advising, and coaching in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) for building trust. She has worked with social enterprises, non-profits, government entities, and private organizations.

Passionate about supporting women at all stages of their careers and leadership journeys, Jody brings a wealth of knowledge and a dedicated focus on elevating women's success in various professional domains.

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