Judith Martin
Location Germany

Judith Martin

Executive, Leadership & Team Coach | Thinking Partner

As Structure & Flow, I offer a trusted thinking partnership and create an open, reflective space for focused dialogue—an environment for making sense of opportunities and dilemmas from diverse perspectives, gaining new insights, and exploring future possibilities. I work with leaders, managers, teams, and other professionals through coaching, training, and facilitation to support and challenge them as they experiment with new approaches and behaviors, questioning established structures, assumptions, and ways of working.

My services may involve tasks such as reinvention, shaping a common purpose and set of values, clarifying a vision and direction, developing greater awareness through critical self-examination, or cultivating the mindset and confidence to learn new skills. Other themes I address include driving change and shaping culture, building strong relationships and communication, working across cultures and diversity, developing and inspiring others, and fostering resourcefulness, resilience, self-care, and personal effectiveness.

My approach combines the structure of frameworks, processes, planning, boundaries, and discipline with the flow of improvisation, creativity, playful exploration, autonomy, and fun. It is principle-led, holistic, and adaptive, taking into account the systems and patterns within the context and culture. I integrate knowledge from various disciplines while upholding high professional standards and ethical practice.

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