Judy Wolf
Location United States

Judy Wolf

Professional Leadership Coach

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in working with high-achieving, highly driven women executives at the VP level and above, aged 35 to 45. My focus is on those who have recently transitioned or are on the cusp of transitioning to a new level of leadership. I assist them in maintaining centering as they pursue success, integrity, and work-life balance on their own terms. My coaching and leadership development approach is whole-hearted and whole-person, incorporating customized programs that leverage emotional agility, mental fitness, and mindfulness-based leadership and team coaching practices.

I specialize in working with heart-centered, socially conscious leaders and organizations navigating complex changes. Typically, my clients are grappling with team dynamics, communication challenges, and increasing levels of complexity in their roles. My approach involves a whole-person, integrated-intelligence perspective, addressing issues such as stress management, conflict resolution, and, fundamentally, building relationships with other complex human beings.

My coaching empowers executives and organizations to celebrate and leverage true diversity, navigate discomfort more skillfully, enhance communication, and tap into the collective genius and resourcefulness of teams to translate vision into action.

In addition to being a PCC, I am a certified business advisor, bringing a well-established foundation of mindfulness practice into my work. My strengths include a high degree of emotional intelligence and communication skills, fostering an open, nonjudgmental model and abundant curiosity in the coaching context.

With a background in marketing, communications, and business development, I have served at the executive level in both for-profit and non-profit arenas. I have successfully project-managed numerous innovative, high-intensity initiatives for companies and organizations, ranging from United Parcel Service and international telecommunications firms to disaster recovery and technology consulting.