Larissa Thurlow
Location United Kingdom

Larissa Thurlow

Professional Leadership Coach

Larissa specializes in designing and delivering a range of services, including facilitation, coaching, coach supervision, mentoring, leadership development, and change leadership support. Her diverse clientele spans international Human Resource professionals, Executives, and middle managers across various sectors such as Business, Education, Health Care, IT, Finance, Oil and Gas, and Government.

With a focus on customization, Larissa tailors solutions to address key topics such as team development, coaching skills, change leadership, resiliency, and employee engagement. She excels in fostering greater self-awareness, bringing attention to personal and systems "blindspots" for clients and stakeholders. Larissa is adept at shifting mindsets, recognizing and leveraging strengths, and enhancing the capacity of leaders from diverse backgrounds to improve individual and team performance, ultimately contributing to organizational effectiveness.

Known for her openness, transparency, and unwavering commitment to delivering results, Larissa establishes trust with leaders. She guides them to delve deep into their core values, reflect on the systems they are a part of, and lead with renewed vision and passion, resulting in impactful outcomes.

Larissa's track record includes building global relationships and cultivating vibrant communities of practice that emphasize best practices, collaboration, and continuous learning. Her multifaceted skill set and commitment to fostering positive change make her a valuable resource for leaders seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive organizational success.