Lise Lewis
Location United Kingdom

Lise Lewis

Coach, Mentor, Coach Supervisor

Passionate about my roles as a coach, mentor, coach supervisor, and trainer of coaches, mentors, and coach supervisors, I find immense joy in helping individuals reach their full potential. Beyond my professional pursuits, I cherish family moments with my husband, now-adult children, and our beloved dog, Charlie. Socializing with friends and maintaining an active lifestyle through dance, swimming, yoga, and cycling also bring balance to my life.

My formal bio introduces me as Dr. Lise Lewis, MBA, Chartered FCIPD, Accredited Master Coach (EMCC EIA), Accredited Coach Supervisor (EMCC ESIA). I served as the International President of EMCC from 2011 to 2017 and currently hold the role of EMCC International Special Ambassador. As the owner of Bluesky International since its founding in 2000, I deliver internationally accredited Coach | Mentoring and Coach Supervision training.

In my coaching and mentoring practice, I specialize in Leadership Development, with a keen focus on fostering outstanding workplace relationships. Additionally, I run a dynamic Coach Supervision practice, collaborating with both organizational and independent coaches striving to enhance their practice and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

As a globally recognized speaker, I share insights from my doctoral research and advancements in the mentoring, coaching, and supervision industry. My recent presentation in Vancouver Island delved into the impact of AI on Coach Supervision. I've contributed research articles to professional journals and am presently working on a book for business leaders, coaches, and mentors, drawing from my research on "Creating the Conditions for Receptivity of Feedback."