Lucrecia Iruela
Location United States

Lucrecia Iruela

Contributor at Forbes, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches , Business Catalyst, Community Builder

Lucrecia Iruela boasts a diverse background, initially delving into leadership at the age of eighteen. With a comprehensive 360-degree understanding of leadership, she serves as a Leadership Accelerator, Community Builder, and Culture Catalyst. As the Founder and CEO of Meliora, a consultancy specializing in leadership, Lucrecia coaches and facilitates programs for top executives in Silicon Valley's largest corporations. Additionally, she is the visionary behind Tronco, an avant-garde luxury leather wearable goods brand, and Dugodo, an app enabling individuals to share their cherished life moments and favorite places.

Guided by a global mindset, Lucrecia's life motto emphasizes having a life to be proud of, understanding one's values, and sharing these with the world. She firmly believes in individual responsibility for shaping decisions and creating the desired environment. With experience in prestigious law firms across Europe and California, Lucrecia's core values revolve around Justice & Equilibrium, Flexibility, and Passion. Serving as a seasoned Human Resources (HR) consultant and leadership coach in various countries, she assists clients in broadening their perspectives to embrace diverse cultures. Through her writing, coaching, and speaking engagements, Lucrecia extends the Silicon Valley ecosystem and mindset to diverse markets and regions worldwide.

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