Lucy Shenouda
Location Canada

Lucy Shenouda

Leadership & Systemic Team Coach

Lucy Shenouda is the founder of FosterEssence Inc. and a leadership and systemic team coach. Leveraging a profound understanding of business processes, Lucy engages in coaching conversations centered around operational excellence, team alignment, and resilient leadership. In her corporate career, Lucy held leadership roles in marketing and strategic planning, collaborating with Fortune and Global 500 organizations in the MENA region. She worked alongside brand ambassadors in India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the GCC. Lucy co-led the learning integration of outstanding brand and people experiences for companies such as Unilever, McDonald's, Nestlé, and Showtime Arabia (now OSN).

In addition to her coaching endeavors, Lucy facilitates and curates online live speaker sessions, provides pro-bono coaching for Up With Women and Foundation, serves as an advisor for the Durham College International Business Program, and is a published author. Lucy holds certifications as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Organizational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC), and is an EMCC ITCA Practitioner.

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