Nadja Ignacio
Location Philippines

Nadja Ignacio

EthicalCoach Program Coordinator

Nadja Ignacio is the Program Coordinator for EthicalCoach and initially collaborated with WBECS as part of the Support Team. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education from Cavite State University, where she graduated. Nadja obtained her teaching license in 2018 and spent two years working in both private and public schools before embarking on a new path with WBECS.

In her earlier years, Nadja volunteered briefly with the organization founded by 2009's CNN Hero, Efren Pe├▒aflorida, known as Dynamic Teen Company. This organization focuses on providing basic education to less privileged children.

Nadja possesses competence in communication and logistics, which has proven to be an asset in her role as EthicalCoach's Program Coordinator. She is primarily responsible for organizing initiatives, working alongside Kathryn Bean.