Osama Al-Mosa
Location Jordan

Osama Al-Mosa

Global Leadership Development Specialist | Executive and Team Coach

Osama is a distinguished bilingual (Arabic/English) senior leadership development specialist, demonstrating a particular passion for conducting impactful one-on-one and group coaching interventions. As a seasoned leadership and executive coach with the prestigious Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation, Osama is a trailblazer in the MENA region. His contributions extend to owning an ICF ACSTH approved coach development program, serving as a coach mentor, and holding the position of an ICF coach assessor.

With a solid academic foundation in psychology and business management, coupled with extensive experience in multinational corporations, Osama is uniquely positioned to support leaders from international organizations across various sectors. His reach spans the for-profit, government, humanitarian, international development, and non-government sectors.

Osama's mission is to empower organizations and leaders to reach their zenith by enhancing their competencies. He achieves this through the application of the most efficient, evidence-based, and principle-centered pathways available. With Osama's guidance, leaders embark on a transformative journey, maximizing their accomplishments and contributing to the overall success of their organizations. His multifaceted expertise and commitment to excellence solidify his standing as one of the most senior and recognized coaches within the MENA region.

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