Patrick Reilly
Location United States

Patrick Reilly

Developing Executive Presence and Learning to Navigate the Political Landscape, Board Member for 3 Organizations

Patrick Reilly is a seasoned professional specializing in executive coaching and consulting. With over 25 years of experience, both internationally and in the US, he has collaborated extensively with leaders in the health care, technology, and construction sectors. Patrick's primary passion lies in propelling leaders into action for both success and satisfaction. His expertise spans accelerating executive development and enhancing employee engagement.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Patrick has dedicated his time to serving on several non-profit boards in the arts and professional services. The foundational principles guiding his work include the belief that goal clarity is indispensable for success. Before commencing work with a client, Patrick always ensures a clear understanding of his intentions. He emphasizes the critical role of the right strategy and cultural awareness in achieving goals, as well as the importance of goal achievement itself in fostering motivation and commitment for tackling higher-level goals.

In his coaching approach, Patrick consistently assesses his client's current state and asks, "What do I see today?" He then focuses on discerning what is needed to facilitate further progress.

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