Sam Voorhies
Location United States

Sam Voorhies

Executive Director of the Center for Biblical Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Sam Voorhies, PhD, is deeply passionate about collaborating with leaders, teams, and organizations to attain exceptional performance. His overarching objective is to enhance leadership and organizational capabilities, empowering teams to surpass their perceived limits and achieve unprecedented success.

Sam employs a strategic approach to offer support, conducting assessments of capabilities and leveraging current successes to foster effective leadership and team growth. This approach is intricately aligned with the organization's mission, values, and strategy.

His expertise spans various facets of leadership and organizational development, encompassing:

  • Global executive leadership development through individual coaching and succession planning.
  • Leadership and team assessments for strategic leader development and team building.
  • Organizational leader development strategy and talent management.
  • Strategy development aligning mission, values, and operational implementation.
  • Change design and implementation for improved performance, capability building, and reinforcement of cultural behaviors for ongoing change.
  • Global international governance structure and board development.
  • Cross-intercultural intelligence for leadership, management, communications, and adaptation.
  • High-impact presentations and team retreats aimed at enhancing individual and team awareness, cohesiveness, effective decision-making, communication, conflict mitigation, change management, and stress management, especially for multi-cultural and virtually-located teams.

Sam's extensive global experience and proficiency in facilitating transformational change provide a significant competitive advantage. With a background that includes 12 years of residency in Africa and work in over 75 countries, Sam brings a deep and broad cross-cultural perspective to his work.