Steve Charlton
Location United Kingdom

Steve Charlton

Transformational Leadership Coach, Mentor Coach

With a rich background in c-level roles across Europe and the US, Steve brings a wealth of experience in commercial leadership, business transformation, and people strategy. Throughout his career, he has successfully led and coached individuals at every career level, demonstrating a consistent track record of delivering strategic growth to underperforming teams and business units. With over 25 years in the realm of consumer research and trends, Steve has collaborated with some of the world's largest consumer brands and emerging players, helping them translate insights into actionable business strategies that respond to changing behaviors.

Recently, Steve founded the Real Leadership Consultancy with a bold vision of disrupting traditional notions of leadership. His consultancy focuses on working with inspirational individuals aspiring to become tomorrow's leaders. Steve holds a BA in Business Studies from Bournemouth University and resides in Surrey, England, with his wife, son, and dog. His commitment to innovative leadership and strategic growth positions him as a valuable resource for those seeking transformative leadership practices.

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