Vivien Hunt
Location United Kingdom

Vivien Hunt

Professional Leadership Coach

Vivien collaborates with Senior Leaders and their teams in rapidly growing organizations to cultivate healthy work cultures and effective operational practices. Her focus revolves around creating awareness of improved communication, engagement, and trust within these environments. By guiding leaders to enhance their effectiveness, achieve better results, and make a more positive impact, Vivien leverages over 25 years of international experience in global Human Resources and Business Transformation projects.

Her expertise lies in seamlessly integrating coaching with change management, fostering change capabilities, increasing change readiness, and addressing resistance. As a Leadership & Executive Coach, Vivien delves into the neuroscience underlying the efficacy of coaching. She serves as a change consultant, mentor coach for the ICF, and supervisor for other coaches. Additionally, she is a pioneer in Conversational Intelligence, having received direct training from world-renowned thought leader and Executive coach, Judith E. Glaser.

Whether working one-on-one, with teams, or entire organizations, Vivien's primary focus is on people change, specializing in Leadership Development, Culture & Behavioral Change, Wellbeing, and Employee Engagement. She operates her independent practice, LeadSource Coaching, based in London, UK, and holds positions as an Associate Coach with Grant Thornton UK and an Executive Partner with Evoloshen, an international corporate training company specializing in Leadership Development and Employee Engagement.

Beyond her coaching and consulting roles, Vivien is a Best Selling author and a trailblazer in the Ignite Your Life collaborative book series.